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Kaya Tai - LEAVES

Kaya Tai - LEAVES
Kaya Tai - LEAVES
Kaya Tai - LEAVES
Kaya Tai - LEAVES
Kaya Tai - LEAVES
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  • Brand: Kaya
  • Model: 2003
149.00 лв.

Why bought this product from Kaya ?

You cannot help it, but fall in love with the adjustable Kaya Tai - a real diamond in Kaya's assortment!

With its various pattern designs, it matches every fashion and would be a perfect addition to most parents' dinamic lifestyle. We must say though that Kaya Taj stylishness is not its only benefit!

  •  A certified product, Bulgarian made
  •  Kaya Taj has many options for adjusting, so that it provides the most ergonomic and natural position of the body.
  • The panel adjusts both in width, as in height.
  • Made of 100% organic cotton, for one of a kind comfort and softness to the skin.
  •  With a supporting hood, also protecting the baby's head from sun and wind
  • With special padding to the belt and shoulder straps.
  •  The fastening of the belt is with a Duraflex buckle
  •  Can conveniently fit various body size and height
  • Suitable for newborns from 4kg to 15kg
  • Mashine wash at 30C, no mashine dryer and bleaching
  • 320gr/m

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