Ergonomic Baby Carrier "Eywa" - EMBROIDERY

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Ergonomic baby carrier "Eywa" - EMBROIDERY
Comfortable carrier for you and your baby, Eywa is a classical model that we have, along with different available patterns, so that you choose the one that suits best your style and preferences.
  • Kaya EYWA is adjustable carrier made in Bulgaria.
  • Woven fabric is specially designed for the brand and 100% organic cotton with weight 220 GRM for the different designs.
  • The fabric is soft and very comfortable, a good choice for hot weather.
  • Adjustable both in height and width.
  • Panel for standard size is width 20- 38 cm and up to 46 cm height.
  • Shoulder straps are well padded 7 cm width and long about 60 cm.
  • They can be crossed.

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