Tell us more about yourself - what is your name, what are you doing
for a living, how many children do you have and how big they are?

My name is Petra and I am a babywearing consultant, lactation consultant and founder and owner of e-shop where you can buy wraps, carriers and other stuff for babywearing. I help moms-to-be and moms with breastfeeding and babywearing so that their babies are happy and this is how they can be happy as well. I am a mother of two boys - 5,5 years old and 3 years old who have been breastfed and carried ♥

Why did you decide to carry your children?

I admired babywearing even before I had my own kids. During my first pregnancy I was looking for a babywearing product and was looking forward to babywearing my baby boy, to have him heart by heart, cuddle him and I also liked the fact that it is very practical (we live in a house of flats without a lift). I started to babywear my first son in a carrier when he was 3 weeks old and later when I tried a wrap (when he was about 8 months old), I absolutely fell in love with babywearing.

My second son is a premature baby so he needed babywearing even more and I started to babywear him in a wrap the day we came home from the hospital.

Do people in your country babywear and how they view of themselves?

When I started babywearing 5,5 years ago it was not very common to see babywearing parents in the streets, especially in smaller towns or villages but it was not unknown and the interest in babywearing started to increase. In that time babywearing mothers started to have regular meetings and babywearing groups on FB were created which helped promote babywearing as something common, safe and salubrious. Nowadays, a lot of people (not only mothers but also fathers or grandparents) babywear their babies and it is not unusual to see a babywearing person.

What do you think about Kaya products?

I came across Kaya products on Facebook and I liked the designs so I decided to try it. First I tried a wrap and I was really excited - it is beautiful, soft, easy to wrap with and the price is favourable. I had doubts about trying the carriers as they are made differently from the majority of carriers I knew but I took the risk and I must say that I have totally fell in love with them. I still prefer wraps (I am a wrapaholic) but Kaya korra carriers are really comfortable and awesome. Since then I have also tried Kaya ring sling and KayaTai and I guess that Kaya has become one of my most favorite brands.

Do you have a favorite carrier?

As mentioned above, I love the wraps and I will always prefer wraps to carriers. However, as a babywearing consultant I have also tried a lot of carriers (almost 40). Honestly, I was impressed by only 3 carries so far and the last time it was Kaya korra carrier which impressed me the most and I really love it and I would like to recommend this carrier.

If you have the chance to give an advice to young parents, what would
it be?

I think that it is important to get ready for parenthood even before the baby is born. So my advice is to educate yourself on breastfeeding, babywearing and attachment parenting. Get in contact with a lactation consultant, buy a wrap (or carrier) and when the baby is born breastfeed him/her and carry him/her. Breastfed and carried babies are more peaceful and happy. And listen to your baby and react to his/her needs - you as parents (especially mothers) know what is the best for your baby.

Oh and enjoy it! The time flies so quickly and the babies grow so fast so enjoy every little moment of this magical time when your kids are small babies ♥