Tell us more about yourself - what is your name, what are you doing for a living, how many children do you have and how big they are?

My name is Borbála Borsos, babywearing consultant & photographer. I have 3 children: 6,4, and 1 years old ❤

Why did you decide to carry your children?

When I was pregnant with my first child, I had the idea of carrying my baby after she was born. I’ve tried to use my woven wrap a few weeks after she was born - with no success. I was totally unsure how I should do it - babywearing consultants were not so easily available like now - and after a few try I gave it a rest. I also suffered from massive PTSD symptoms after a traumatic birth, with panic attacks & anxiety, so worry about my baby’s safety was a huge deal for me. When she was 3 months old, I’ve found the best babywearing group on Facebook, with local babywearing moms & babywearing consultants. I started to learn more about babywearing, and our great journey has begun.

Do people in your country babywear and how they view of themselves?

Hungarian moms wearing their babies a lot! In lots of type of carriers. Babywearing community is very vivid, we have local babywearing meets, WAHM markets, we are organizing fundraisers together, friendships are made through babywearing. I feel really lucky to be a part of this community ❤

What do you think about Kaya products?

I have a buckle carrier, which I think is quite unique. This type of waistbelt is rare on the market, and I was excited to try it! It’s comfortable, and a surprisingly different feeling to other buckle carriers! I like the colourways & patterns of the wraps, too! My favourite is LEAVES.

 Do you have a favorite carrier?

I have a favourite for every situation. With newborn, I love long woven wraps & ringsling. Also if we go hiking, and I know, I’ll have time to make a proper wrapjob, I prefer to use a long wrap instead of a structured carrier. If I use the public transport, or don’t have the chance to pay extra attention to make good wrapping (like I go on a holiday alone with the kids) I prefer a structured carrier like mei tai or full buckle carrier. And there is always a ringsling in my car.

If you have the chance to give an advice to young parents, what would it be?

Prepare yourself! Giving birth to a baby is a great deal, but the life you face after can be even harder! Ask for help if you need it, and accept it if somebody offers ❤ Parenthood can be much more enjoyable if you listen to your baby’s (and family’s) needs instead of social pressure!

Photo credit: Barbala Borsos

Autor: Iva Petkova