Tell us more about yourself - what is your name, what are you doing for a living, how many children do you have and how big they are?

My name is Barbara, I have a daughter that is 20 months old. I'm a store manager.

Why did you decide to carry your children?

When Alice was born I still didn't know Babywearing. Then I started reading about carriers and bought a Kokadi Flip when she was 4 months old. I was super scared of wraps and ring slings because I thought it would be too hard to use. But then I got the opportunity to try a wrap and fell in love.

Do people in your country babywear and how they view of themselves?

It's a growing community. It's not that common to see people carrying their babies, you mostly see strollers in the street. However, and thankfully, it's getting more and more usual to see people carrying their babies in SSC and I just wish to start seeing more people carrying in wraps and ring slings ????

What do you think about Kaya products?

I've tried a ring sling and fell in love with it! The fabric was so soft and the colour so vibrant!! Really really comfortable and with great prices!

Do you have a favorite carrier?

Can I say all of them?  I absolutely love wraps, but also ring slings and SSC???? I think they're all used in different situations, so they're all essential to me

If you have the chance to give an advice to young parents, what would it be?

Carry your baby from birth!! I wish I knew about Babywearing as soon as Alice was born! The first 3 months all she wanted was to be carried, and I was always stressed because there were so many thing to be done around the house that I couldn't do while holding her. So Babywearing can be a really great help in the beginning, alloweling you to enjoy your baby and still get your tasks done.